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Ghat No 14,Nehru Park
Behind Leeward Hotel Dal Lake.

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Nasir Ali shoda Has owned and operated Houseboats Shoda Palace in Kashmir for more that 10 years.Houseboat Shoda Palace is proud of Kashmir and the heritage of both the valley and the mountains and have been warmly welcoming travelers,honeymooners and mountain trekkers from all over the world.A Shoda Palace Boat House The calmness of the waters, the freshness of the mornings, the bright sunny afternoons and relaxing evenings are what constitutes the experience of being in a houseboat, besides the serene natural beauty Nehru Park Dal lake Srinagar Kashmir India If there is any place on earth that can be crowned as the Empress of natural beauty that would undoubtedly be Kashmir. Rightly called as the a ˜Heaven on Earth,this small valley along the Himalayan range is testimony to how gorgeous and giving nature can be.Of the numerous enthralling attractions of Kashmir Valley is the breathtakingly beautiful Dal Lake.Guests are our priority and we will make certain your visit is safe, enjoyable and filled with warm hospitality and good cheer.

Houseboat shoda Palace is run in economy and luxury grades, comparatively all suitable rates.Houseboat is having the capacity of four bedrooms, adjoining bathrooms, a drawing room, a pantry.Living on water is traditional in Kashmir and without having that opportunity,at least once,the visit (to Kashmir) remains incomplete, for missing the fascinating charms,offered nowhere in the world.In the peaceful aquatic surroundings,detached from the usual frenzy of city life,the sight revels at glowing reflections of the horizon, intercepted by the shimmering moonshine over the surface of water, facing a fragrant breeze; while as the mind remains bewitched by a tiny amusing kingfisher in brilliant plumage, restlessly darting and diving deep for its next victim. At leisurely hours cruising by a Gandola type Shikara fetch a delightful scene of floating gardens dotted by smiling lotus and bloom .Our family has worked very hard to create a homely ambience with all the modern amenities. Customers satisfaction is our motto.Deluxe houseboat at Dal Lake, maintained by a traditional Kasmiri family.

Shoda Palace Houseboat Dal Lake has rightfully become an icon of the Kashmir tourism industry. A Himalayan urban lake, it has five basins and a number of channels that are well linked with each other. There are plenty of fishes in Dal Lake and fishery is the second largest industry of the region centered on the lake. The sparkling quiet waters of Dal surrounded by snow-capped mountains on its three sides, undoubtedly mark it as one of the most beautiful lakes of India.It is also the second largest lake in the State of Jammu and Kashmir with numerous gardens and orchards all along its shores.Houseboats form an indelible part of the scenery of the Dal Lake that are always ready to take tourists to a romantic and peaceful ride of the lake and soothe their nerves as the houseboat floats over the slightly rippling waters. They also offer some of the most exotic views of the splendid scenery of the Dal Lake. There are Shikaras that look like small ornate versions of the gondolas of Venice that offers ferry rides to and from the banks of the lake to the houseboats.

We offer a great list of facilties for your own comfort so you can have a great time at our houseboat.

“Hey Guys! This is a must-be-place. No stress, no trouble. Only enjoy the dal-view!!” - Nasir Ali shoda